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Intuitive Energy Practitioner – Holistic Card Reader – Clairempath – Artist & Creative

“We are all raindrops united in the experience of the descent from our storm.”

ABOUT: Marie is an intuitive energy practitioner and applies her diverse range of skills to connect with, understand, and channel the energy throughout realms both hidden and seen. With a profound passion for empowering others and a loving connection to the metaphysical world, she brings a unique blend of talents to her practice.

In each of her sessions, Marie gathers a harvest of information for you from a wide field of knowledge surrounding her passions and interests that include visual and lexical symbolism, sacred geometry, crystal and mirror work, astrology, numerology, attraction and manifestation, quantum theory, frequency and vibrational science, sound and energy healing, subtle energies, water and nature therapy, homeopathy and holistic wellness, human psychology, art and music, and much more.

SESSIONS: Marie possesses a clairempathic ability, allowing her to perceive the subtle imbalances within each of her clients’ unique energy fields. Information, root causes, and guidance for these imbalances can then be channeled to you. This information can come in the form of cards, spoken words, songs and music, or even sketches. She can connect very easily to Spirit/Source through her clairempathy, but she also shares a connection through visual, cognizant, and musical influences.

Tarot, oracle, and divine message cards as well as pendulums, dowsing rods, and crystal singing bowls are all instruments within her divinatory orchestra. The employment of these tools, along with the use of her clairempathic ability, enables her to uncover hidden information, locate energy imbalances, and provide guidance on how to restore harmony within your energetic field. Her readings offer clarity, guidance, and inspiration, helping you navigate your path with confidence and purpose.

Available Readings:
Including but not limited to

  • State of Vibration (see below)
  • Career Options & Outlook
  • Love & Relationship Questions
  • Strengthening Spiritual Connection
  • Life Path & Purpose-driven Opportunities
  • Decision-making & Problem-solving
  • Grief & Mourning, Bereavement & Loss
  • Confrontation & Shadow Work

STATE OF VIBRATION: Marie has developed a unique “State of Vibration” card reading. This insightful spread, structured across a karmic line, weaves a tapestry of your current energies. It examines your recent struggles, unraveling recurring patterns and illuminating learning opportunities. By bringing to light your recent energies, this reading explores both the light and dark aspects of your current energy and offers a glimpse into future possibilities and manifestations based on the plot of your energetic story. Through the “State of Vibration” reading, Marie provides an empowering roadmap for you to embrace your most authentic self, make conscious choices, and manifest a life in alignment with your truest and highest potential.

ENERGY HEALING: Constantly expanding her knowledge and skills, Marie is currently pursuing certifications in Reiki, guided meditation, and sound healing. Soon, she will be offering Reiki healing sessions, sound healing sessions, guided meditations, and transformative sound baths.

Coming Soon:

  • Reiki healing sessions
  • Crystal singing bowl healing sessions
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Sound bath sessions
Marie is available Monday 11-4:30pm, Tuesday 11-4:30pm, Friday & Saturday 11-5pm
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Our Psychic Mediums are professionals whom have many years of experience as well as large and loyal followings. The will give their "All" to make your Reading as Accurate and Spiritually Enriched as possible.

There are times, however, where there is no connection due to energy incompatibility. When this happens, please do not be offended if your Reader stops the Sessions and brings you back for a refund or to choose another Reader. This is not a personal reflection. We simply want you to have the best experience possible.

Likewise, within the first ten minutes, you'll know whether there is a connection between you and your Reader. If you feel the connection is not there, please Speak Up! We will gladly refund your money, or place you with another Reader. Most notably, Do Not wait until the end or near the end of your Session if you are dissatisfied, as you are paying for your Reader's valuable time.

Although having an "unsuccessful" Reading is rare - Don't give up! Try again! Our excellent reputation of over 100 years stands proof of our commitment to those who seek our Counsel.

All decisions you are making are yours alone. Please use your best judgment and discretion when making personal decisions based upon a reading. All readings are not intended to replace medical, legal, or financial advice. Please counsel with the appropriate figures to determine a best course of action for yourself and loved ones.