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Property Clearing Report

Property Energy Assessment

The primary goal of a Property Energy Session is to create a healthy flow of chi in the environment where you live, work or spend time. Chi is a word from the orient that translates in English to energy. A property/space clearing releases stagnant pools of energy along with toxic frequencies and vibrations from your home, office, hotel room, land etc. These negative accumulated vibrations may imprint and deposit into your atmospheric conditions making it feel heavy or just uncomfortable in some way. Typically, they transfer from people, events, animals or possessions. You have probably had an experience of feeling a low sense of chi but didn’t realize what it was. Have you ever been in a very positive mood and a friend calls that has a negative outlook or some negative news to share? After the conversation you feel heavy, sad, angry, irritated etc. The conversation caused the energy around you that you feel, but can’t see, to become contaminated. Another great example is wind. You can’t see it, but you can feel it and certainly see damage from a windstorm. Lingering residue is disruptive to the positive flow of energy and can negatively affect any person, animal or plant exposed to the environment. You can’t walk into a smoke-filled room and expect to breathe in clean air. It’s just not going to happen. I, along with My High Self Spiritual Team, evaluate the property, conduct the session and release the negative disruptive energy. Then the property is replenished with a healthy, strong, and positive flow of chi energy. Property/Space Clearings may need to be repeated due to re-contamination from our daily activity, along with people we come in contact with. I recommend a property /space clearing at the very least four times a year; at the start of each new season and especially the start of a new year. Energy, vibrations and frequencies are in a constant state of movement and the velocity of toxins can build quickly which affects us physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Maintaining non-toxic atmospheric conditions are equally important as a clean physical environment for our health.

Property Session for John Smith 000 Long St. Timbuck 2, FL. 10-27-2021

The positive atmospheric conditions conducive to a positive flow of energy were restricted by 47 %. There can be lingering discordant frequencies from any person who may live, or visit this property; also any adverse events/happenings that occur can easily contribute to a decrease in the positive atmospheric conditions in this home, business and/or land. Several Earthbound Souls with Satanic and Demonic frequencies were present that needed escorted to their correct dimension allowing their souls to have the opportunity for growth. These Entities were filled with extremely dark energies and were evil when in human form. They have been permanently released and are free to move on with their Soul’s growth and purpose.

There were residual vibrations in the atmospheric conditions consisting of anxiety, overall anger with life , God , people in general( a very cranky disposition)abandonment/ feeling neglected of neglecting, mistreatment, addictions to toxic low vibration thoughts and behaviors possibly alcoholism, anger, unforgiveness, unhappiness, self-limitation, a defeatist attitude, disconnected from emotions, denial, Spiritual Bankruptcy/ Doubt, isolation, and stinginess not able to give what others may be in need of such as support, encouragement, being cold either on purpose from revenge, bitterness and spite or just emotionally unavailable.

These frequencies have all been neutralized and released from the energetic fabric of this property and home; therefore positive expressions/feelings/emotions are now accessible to promote harmony with relationships and situations for all who enter this space.

Restrictions/ blocked qualities regarding justice, joy, enthusiasm, zest for life, relationship with a higher power, communication, laughter and faith. The restrictive frequencies have been released and now these positive expressions have been upgraded to the optimal level and are free to be utilized for the highest good of all.

There weren’t any negative astrological influences that needed neutralized.

The Nature Spirits on this property were totally absent, therefore it was necessary to call them back with encouragement of safety ( I felt as though the dark energies were overwhelming and they needed to escape). An energetic uplift was implemented to assure optimal level to contribute to the property’s positive vibrations.

Every person, place or thing holds an energetic level, if this level is not in alignment with the Earths current frequency it needs aligned and balanced. Energy is fluid therefore always changing this isn’t from anything anyone did or didn’t do it just simply changed. This property was 41% in balance therefore an alignment was necessary.

The healing vibration was assessed at 44,000 and needed increased to 76,000 to be most beneficial.

The Prosperity/Abundance level was assessed at level 4 and needed increased to level 8 which is the optimal level for all areas of life to prosper.

Everything including our homes and properties have an ideal frequency like a radio frequency that is tuned in they should vibrate to for optimal clarity. The frequency for this property was 3 which needed adjusted to the optimal frequency for this property of 7. This property along with all humans and animals have been energetically cleansed, property is currently holding 100% positive atmospheric conditions. This session may have a positive impact on the health, finances, career, spirituality and relationship areas of life.

5 Openings also known as portals in the energetic fabric of this property needed sealed and a reinforcement grid of gold energy placed to surround this property for protection from outside influences that were able to penetrate and affect the conditions fueling any negative frequency.

6 Toxic Streams also known as a ley lines were detected creating a negative vortex of energy in the earth beneath the property that also needed cleansed, filled with light then closed. All energies have been cleansed, released, revitalized and uplifted.

Thank you, may Gold light surround you and this property.
With Appreciation, Light, and Gratitude,