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Welcome To The Hotel Cassadaga and Psychic Center
A Beautiful Hotel and Sanctuary Built in 1927

The Hotel is currently open Sunday to Thursday 10a-5pm; Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm. These are our new permanent hours. We are accepting room reservations and in person reading appointments.

**Due to busy season, No room refunds will be issued during special events. (Bike Week, Race Week, etc.)

Step back in time and enter a historic world of quiet grace and charm. Embrace the energy of the many spirits who reside in this Enchanted Inn.

The Cassadaga Hotel dates back to the 1920’s. Our historic hotel serves not only as a quiet place to lay your head, but as a respected Spiritual Sanctuary. It is our mission to help those who are seeking guidance from the Highest Spiritual and Angelic Realms and Its Truths.

We offer informative lectures and classes on subjects such as astrology, numerology, palmistry and more. We also offer Reiki instruction and certification, sound healing and other energy healing seminars and personal transformation workshops for the “Soul” purpose of enriching your life. Reiki healing, energy healing and crystal therapy are always available for Body, Mind and Spirit balance. Seances are recommended for those wishing to receive messages from deceased loved ones and communication with Higher Realms. Most notably, our gifted Psychics and Mediums are available daily to answer your most valued questions.

Clients from around the world have their readings and healing sessions with our Healers, Psychics, and Mediums. We are known for our expertise in Astrology, the Tarot, Past Life Regression, Channeling, Dream Interpretation, Spirit Communication, Angelic Guidance and much, much more. Appointments may be made by phone or at the front desk of our Hotel.