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Psychic Medium – Tarot – Dream Interpretation – Empath – Energy Healer/Reader – Spiritual Counseling

ABOUT: I started helping people with my gift when I was 12 years of age. I had the ability to see what people were saying when they didn’t say a word. I amazed a teacher of mine when I accused her of lying to me every time she said she was doing “fine”. Looking deeper, I told her that she had been fighting with her husband constantly since the start of the school year. I counseled her on her relationship from that point forward. While I’m not sure exactly what happened after we parted ways, she ran into my mother some time afterwards and told her what a special son she had. From then until 2008, I would counsel people individually when I saw they needed help.

In 2008, I started working for one of Orlando’s theme parks as a psychic reader. Some people might recognize me as the Sultan. At the same time, I started giving psychic readings every Monday night at an eclectic, artist-themed restaurant located on International Drive. I’ve also given readings at several psychic events across Florida. I use tarot cards as a medium to calm and relax the people who I am reading.

Rising: Cancer
Moon: Gemini
Sign: Aquarius
Divinely manifested at the age of 13
Reared in Central Florida

My Belief:

I believe that I am just the “middleman” when it comes to psychic readings. I don’t judge the people I read. I believe that the spirits wants me to help people regardless of who they are or what they did or will do. The spirits wants you to be enriched and enlightened. I am just their messenger and take no credit for what I do. I understand and embrace this.

Archangel Michael:

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of strength. He is the protector of all and crusader of your cause. If you ever feel alone or that you are not being heard, call upon Archangel Michael. His energy will immediately surround you and protect you. He will be a driving force to get you moving, get your message out, and get things to happen for you. He is the Archangel of antistagnation. Stagnation doesn’t exist when Archangel Michael is helping you. Just be sure to get out of the way and not limit him when you invoke is aid for he is the Archangel of change and creation. If you need change in your life or know that it is going to occur, call on Archangel Michael for he will bring about the change in the most amazing ways for you for your Highest Good and the good of all.

Archangel Matthew:

Archangel Matthew is the Archangel to help you will anything legal. Archangel Matthew will help you in finding a good lawyer, dealing with any kind of contract, writing legal documents, reading and understanding legal documents. Anything that is remotely of a legal aspect, Archangel Matthew is there to guide you and help you. Any situation that is of a legal matter surrender to Archangel Matthew. He and his team of Angels will see that the matter is handled to your Highest good and the good of all concerned. Archangel Matthew is the Archangel of the laws of God. God is energy and the energy of God flows thru everything in and on this planet and the universe. Archangel Matthew gives us the laws of how this is done.

My Goal:

My goal is to help and heal the people I read while showing them that the spirits love and understand. The spirits want us to look at the positive things in our lives. The spirits want us to have hope, peace, and joy.

I am a clairvoyant, medium, and energy healer. I look forward to meeting you and giving you the spirits’ message.



Psychic – Intuitive – Empath – Tarot, Angel, & Spiritual Guidance – Numerology – Akashic Records – Reiki Master & Teacher – Chakra & Crystal Healing – Vibrational Sound Therapist – Property Energy Specialist – Animal Sound Healing


About: My intention is to assist my clients with greater awareness, healing, and insights. My name Nora, means honor and shining light. I honor the path of the highest light and strive to help others on their own personal journey. I was raised in a Roman Catholic household in Pittsburgh Pa. and I appreciate the foundation Catholicism gave me. At a young age I knew I was called to a broader Spiritual Path to include unity of all beliefs and faiths. I consider myself Spiritual in nature not religious. In numerology my Life Path number is 11, which is considered a master number. Master numbers are 11, 22 and 33.  They are destined to inspire, teach, and raise the vibration of the world. It ups the ante considerably and means I am here currently for a higher spiritual purpose. I’m an avid animal lover and have rescued 7 greyhounds from the racing industry along with several other rescue dogs. I am honored and humbled to offer my services at Hotel Cassadaga’s Psychic Spiritual Center.


Readings: My psychic intuitive readings incorporate tarot, numerology, Spirit Guide and Angelic guidance, energetic upgrades, and crystal knowledge along with their healing properties. In my healing services I offer Spiritual Response sessions that access your Akashic Records, releasing blocks and limitations you may have from this lifetime or past lifetimes. Other healing modalities include Energetic Healing with Reiki and crystals for chakra balancing, realignment, and rejuvenation. Animal Soul Healing and Reiki sessions also available for animals. I am available to do property, house, and space clearings.


Spiritual Response Therapy (Akashic Records) Spiritual Response Therapy aka SRT is a modality of healing that assists you in releasing patterns, habits, beliefs and non-beneficial energies, frequencies and vibrations that fuel disharmony with yourself, relationships and situations. This is accomplished by accessing your Akashic Records also known as your Soul Records. Some consider it a past life regression of sorts. I begin with your energetic preparation to access the information in your records. This includes assessing the health of your Aura, screening for any leaks, fractures or damage to your Auric Field. Your Auric Field when solid and healthy protects your energy from energy parasites, psychic penetration, energy attachments, energetic attacks and those who wish to drain your life force energy. If any fractures are found they are repaired and sealed for your protection. I increase your prosperity level along with your personal energetic frequency to their optimal level. I verify your Spiritual Board of Directors ( Your Angels, Spirit Guides,Highest Power and Highest Self) assuring they are all in alignment with your soul’s growth and soul’s purpose. It’s very possible to have Spirit Guide who is no longer viable to assist you because you have surpassed their level of soul education. For example when we are in High School we no longer need a grade school teacher. I evaluate your Healing vibration and increase it to its optimal level along with your Nature Spirits that govern all body parts for humans and animals. I check for psychic cording to other souls and if need be detach the cords so your vibration isn’t compromised. From here we enter your Akashic Records and look at the present lifetime along with past lifetimes where you have non beneficial experiences that may have caused discord in any area of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The healing of these experiences takes place with the SRT releasing techniques, it’s truly trans-formative and freeing. I became certified as a Spiritual Response Therapist Practitioner by the Spiritual Response Therapy Association in 2009 after experiencing it first hand. I knew I had to learn, perfect and offer this amazing healing modality to others and continue to do so all these years later.

It is my pleasure to Welcome you to Hotel Cassadaga for an in person or phone session.

Nora’s in person availability varies from month to month.

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Psychic Intuitive – Astrology – Numerology – Tarot

Creation is not complete until the story of your life has been written

ABOUT: My goal is to help people transform by discovering their own magick! With the help of my guides, I use a variety of divination services aimed at helping you live your best life.

My personal passion within astrology is the natal chart, or birth chart. What is a natal chart? This is a snapshot of the stars when you were born, and it shows us your specific lifelong themes, challenges and lessons to be learned.

Many questions can be answered by decoding the secrets of your natal chart. Here are some common examples:

*Additional astrological services include*


What is Numerology? Numerology is the study of energy and meaning behind numbers. My passion within numerology is the study of the energy of names, and applying that to your specific life path to help you live your best life.

What is a life path? A life path is the numerological blueprint for your life.

Access your numerological potential today by discovering the energy of your name!

*Additional astrological services include*


Experience and explore the wonderful world of Tarot using the help of my guides. We can simply inquire about your future, or ask for specific guidance on a multitude of topics such as:

Arturo is available Sunday 11-4:30pm, Wednesday 12-5pm, Saturday 11-5pm