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Intuitive Energy Practitioner – Holistic Card Reader – Clairempath – Artist & Creative

“We are all raindrops united in the experience of the descent from our storm.”

ABOUT: Marie is an intuitive energy practitioner and applies her diverse range of skills to connect with, understand, and channel the energy throughout realms both hidden and seen. With a profound passion for empowering others and a loving connection to the metaphysical world, she brings a unique blend of talents to her practice.

In each of her sessions, Marie gathers a harvest of information for you from a wide field of knowledge surrounding her passions and interests that include visual and lexical symbolism, sacred geometry, crystal and mirror work, astrology, numerology, attraction and manifestation, quantum theory, frequency and vibrational science, sound and energy healing, subtle energies, water and nature therapy, homeopathy and holistic wellness, human psychology, art and music, and much more.

SESSIONS: Marie possesses a clairempathic ability, allowing her to perceive the subtle imbalances within each of her clients’ unique energy fields. Information, root causes, and guidance for these imbalances can then be channeled to you. This information can come in the form of cards, spoken words, songs and music, or even sketches. She can connect very easily to Spirit/Source through her clairempathy, but she also shares a connection through visual, cognizant, and musical influences.

Tarot, oracle, and divine message cards as well as pendulums, dowsing rods, and crystal singing bowls are all instruments within her divinatory orchestra. The employment of these tools, along with the use of her clairempathic ability, enables her to uncover hidden information, locate energy imbalances, and provide guidance on how to restore harmony within your energetic field. Her readings offer clarity, guidance, and inspiration, helping you navigate your path with confidence and purpose.

Available Readings:
Including but not limited to

STATE OF VIBRATION: Marie has developed a unique “State of Vibration” card reading. This insightful spread, structured across a karmic line, weaves a tapestry of your current energies. It examines your recent struggles, unraveling recurring patterns and illuminating learning opportunities. By bringing to light your recent energies, this reading explores both the light and dark aspects of your current energy and offers a glimpse into future possibilities and manifestations based on the plot of your energetic story. Through the “State of Vibration” reading, Marie provides an empowering roadmap for you to embrace your most authentic self, make conscious choices, and manifest a life in alignment with your truest and highest potential.

ENERGY HEALING: Constantly expanding her knowledge and skills, Marie is currently pursuing certifications in Reiki, guided meditation, and sound healing. Soon, she will be offering Reiki healing sessions, sound healing sessions, guided meditations, and transformative sound baths.

Coming Soon:

Marie is available Monday 11-4:30pm, Tuesday 11-4:30pm, Friday & Saturday 11-5pm
Angela Kathleen

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Guide

Specializes in Twin Flames- Starseeds

Divine Masculine- Divine Feminine


About: With an extensive 20 plus years of practicing internal medicine, Angela has skillfully fused her expertise with her innate spiritual gifts. This fusion has birthed a truly distinctive approach to personal development. Angela’s unwavering commitment lies in empowering individuals to fill their cups, release themselves from toxic influences and repetitive patterns, and embrace the transformative tools required for growth at the cellular level by elevating one’s frequency.

Readings: Angela is a psychic medium that uses tarot, oracle, angel cards and birth chart analysis in her readings.  Card readings can answer questions about love, career, and daily journeys.  She can also communicate with divine spirit guides using a pendulum to answer yes/no questions. Through Angela’s psychic readings and personalized guidance, she will help you tap into your inner wisdom and uncover your unique path towards a higher frequency of living.  The ultimate goal is to facilitate genuine joy, hope and unlocking one’s potential through elevating one’s frequency. Angela passionately believes that every individual possesses the potential to lead a truly satisfying existence, and she is here to assist you in unlocking that potential.

Her hours are Sunday-Tuesday 11-4:30pm, Wednesday 11-3:30pm, Saturday 11-5pm

Mini Readings: Wednesdays 5-8pm



Psychic Medium – Reiki Master


ABOUT: Born and raised in a small town in Alabama, I was one of four girls and unlike any of the other three, I could not wait to move away from that small town. I was always different from everyone else.  I never felt like I belonged in my family, or even on this planet for that matter.

I was always intuitive, and I always knew that I could control things with my mind. But being born into a Christian household, your gifts were not something that you flaunted. It was not until I was introduced to an Angel Initiative, that I started to embrace and develop my gifts. I wanted to be able to talk to Angels like her.    It was very unsettling to go against what I was taught growing up, but I always knew that what I had been taught had too many missing pieces of the puzzle.  I knew that it could not be the whole story. As I progressed along on my spiritual journey, I found the most wonderful peace and joy that I had never experienced in all my years of church going.  I have found so many truths and friends of like minds who accept me as I am, and who do not discourage my being myself.

Since my spiritual journey began 10 years ago, I have become a Reiki Master, Adept I, Quantum Healing Hypnotist Level 2, Sound Healer Level 3, Clear and Open Channel for Guides and Angels, and an Evidential Medium.  I use the 6 clairs to communicate with the Spirits of your loved ones, including Clairvoyance, ClairCognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairalience and Clairgustance. It is determined by the Spirit which they will use to communicate. I also use my telepathy and psychic abilities.

I was given the task by my guides to create orgonite and get it distributed so that those who need it would have access to it.  Just before the 5G was released, I was told to make some orgonite specifically to block the radiation poisoning that would happen when the 5G came out. This is sold in our crystal shop here in the hotel.

I was recently led to become involved with a new healing modality called vibrational medicine, and I am growing and learning how to best help people with this cutting-edge modality, programing copper sand and crystals to your specific needs to help you reach homeostasis.

I do not know where my path will take me next.  I just try to be a willing vessel to allow the universal consciousness to work through me, for the highest good of all.


READINGS: In a reading with me, you will have the option to speak to loved ones on the other side using my 6 claires. I have no control over how well your loved one can use these tools to communicate or the information they choose to give me. I will need the name of the loved one you would like to connect with. I do not allow (whoever wants to come through) because it is my experience that this is an open invitation for the whole universe to come through and we will be forever trying to get who you want. For this reason, I ask for the loved one’s name and that is all I want you to give me.

You will also have the option to speak to your Spirit Guides and Angels to answer specific questions. I use Ask the Universal Channel talking board to channel the information. I am one of the three existing teachers who teach this modality and I have been doing this over four years.

Once we finish speaking to your loved ones or Guides, if there is time left, I will use a variety of Oracle cards to give your reading a deeper and richer meaning. As my Oracle card teacher told me, the cards never lie!

Your belief and openness to allow the universe to speak to you through me will enhance the quality of your reading.


Kathy is available Thursday 11-4:30pm, Friday 12-4:30pm, and Saturday 12-5pm

Kathy also conducts the Seance here at the Hotel every 2nd Friday night and Every Last Saturday night.  Private seances are available upon request for parties of 6 or more, outside her regularly scheduled hours.


Psychic Intuitive – Astrology – Numerology – Tarot

Creation is not complete until the story of your life has been written

ABOUT: My goal is to help people transform by discovering their own magick! With the help of my guides, I use a variety of divination services aimed at helping you live your best life.

My personal passion within astrology is the natal chart, or birth chart. What is a natal chart? This is a snapshot of the stars when you were born, and it shows us your specific lifelong themes, challenges and lessons to be learned.

Many questions can be answered by decoding the secrets of your natal chart. Here are some common examples:

*Additional astrological services include*


What is Numerology? Numerology is the study of energy and meaning behind numbers. My passion within numerology is the study of the energy of names, and applying that to your specific life path to help you live your best life.

What is a life path? A life path is the numerological blueprint for your life.

Access your numerological potential today by discovering the energy of your name!

*Additional astrological services include*


Experience and explore the wonderful world of Tarot using the help of my guides. We can simply inquire about your future, or ask for specific guidance on a multitude of topics such as:

Arturo is available Sunday 11-4:30pm, Wednesday 12-5pm, Saturday 11-5pm 

Rev. Mia Deva’ine

Shamanic Healer

Heyoka Empath


Soul Coach


Distance Energy Healer

Children’s Reiki Educator

Karuna Reiki Practitioner

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Educator 

End-of-Life Doula


…. A Journey into Shadow Work …


Empowered by my Afro-Indigenous culture and family lineage, I receive messages in the form of “CLAIRS” to help reignite the light within self. I connect with past and present events in order to assist Celestials in arriving into the now.

Often in life we get stuck in cycles of repetitive scenarios and overwhelming emotions that hinder us from growing and tapping into our life’s purpose. During a session with me, we revisit the past to fully accept or fully heal the “US” that resides there, in order to be fully present in the NOW. The NOW being the place to accept all that is.


I help my Celestials connect with their:

SHADOW-SELF for that one-on-one POW WOW needed in order to connect with the STARDUST within so they may shine like the Star they are.


…Healing Sessions…

Whimsy Sound Healing Bath

Whimsy Sound Healing Bath incorporates sound healing as well as the specific placements of selected crystals along the body which resonates with the frequency and note of each point along the Hara Line to release blockages and consciously align our energy flow.  (60min session)


Reiki Healing with Chakra Balancing

Reiki Healing is a natural energy healing treatment that uses universal life force energy to facilitate energetic balance and physical healing within a Celestial. (45min/60min session)


Despojo (clearing) and Protection Healing

I incorporate sacred chanting, animism, and pre-Hispanic Shaman instruments to clear negative energies and cut cords in order to energetically disconnect from another person or situation to release emotional attachments and create space for personal growth. (60min session)

Please call the hotel at 386-228-2323 to schedule an appointment.
Kelli Faye

Psychic Medium – Healer – Psychic Empath

ABOUT: I am open and ready to help your growth on this deep and incredible journey of life. I am a medium, a healer, and a psychic empath.

READINGS: My readings generally include the use of tools such as tarot cards, oracle cards, and crystals. I channel your higher self, guides, and ancestors throughout the process. A session with me is usually focused around an area of your life that needs growth, help, or spiritual guidance. Usually my clients are concerned with overcoming issues with love, money, career, and family. While others are beginning their own spiritual ascension and growth in that area of their life.

Kelli is available Thursday-Saturday 11am-4:30pm



Psychic Intuitive – Palmistry – Tarot

ABOUT: I consider myself blessed to be here at Hotel Cassadaga as a Reader. I struggled against my psychic nature as a young woman. I could always see aura’s around people when I met them. As I got older, I started to realize that others didn’t see the same things I did and would therefore dismiss my sight. I tried to reject my gifts in fear of being judged badly by others. Fortunately, it is not a gift that’s willing to be ignored. I figured out that I would have to learn to harness my own energy if I wanted to be comfortable in my own skin. A good friend helped me to my calling by buying me my first tarot deck and working with me on refining my gifts. I have been giving readings since. This brought me balance and comfort in a satisfying career that I love. I have found my home in my nature.

Sun: Aquarius
Moon: Aquarius
Rising: Gemini

READINGS: My goal as a reader is to help you walk your most favorable path. I do this by analyzing and reading the energy and aura that you, along with all beings, carry with you. I will use different tools, such as cards and palmistry, to help achieve this end. I cannot shape or control your future. This is your journey and you are in charge of the ship. I am here only to tell you of the possibilities and changes likely down the path. Anything you hear in a reading is offered to aid you, but ultimately you are in charge.

Misty is available Sunday 12-4pm, Wednesday & Thursday 12-4:30pm, Saturday 12-3:30pm


Tarot – Angel Oracle – Spiritual Guide

ABOUT: Although my abilities can be traced to my Celtic roots, I’ve also had the honor & privilege to work and train with the world’s finest psychic mediums right here in Cassadaga for the past 11 years. Ultimately though, my abilities to bring you information and spiritual guidance come from God, Goddess, Universe or the Divine. I don’t think our divine creator puts much emphasis on labels, names or gender.

Sun: Cancer
Moon: Leo
Rising: Aquarius/Pisces
Ancestry: Celtic

READINGS: Messages come through me not from me. They come from my spirit guides, teachers and healers and from your spirit guides, teachers, and healers. They also come from angelic realm. However it comes through, ultimately it is from the highest power for the greatest good.

My readings will usually involve an intuitive interpretation of the tarot and/or angel oracle cards as well as spiritual guidance. Occasionally a loved one who has ascended will pop in with a message of love or greeting, but your reading with me will usually center on your life. (Love, career, goals, aspirations and life path) I ask that you open your heart and spirit to divine guidance.

Doreen is available Tuesday 1-4:30pm, Wed. 12:30-4:30pm, Sat. 12:30-5:30pm, Sunday 12:30-4pm