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Past Life Regression with Dawn

A Past Life Regression is different than a Past Life Reading. A Past life Reading is where a psychic, or intuitive, will give you information regarding one of your past lives. A Past Life Regression is a journey into your subconscious where you will experience and recall one (or more) of your Past lives. You supply the information to the practitioner.

There are 4 stages of brainwaves:

  • BETA – Fully awake and conscious. This is where we spend much of our waking moments. This is the conscious mind. We use this Level of consciousness for only 4 things: Rationalizing, analyzing, will power and shorter-term memory.
  • ALPHA – This is a state of relaxed focus. We use this stage for meditation, deep contemplation, and suggestive hypnosis.
  • THETA – This is a deeply relaxed focus sometimes called conscious dreaming or trance. We use this stage for Trance Meditation, Shamanic Journeying and Past Life Regression.
  • DELTA – This is the sleep state. When we are unconscious.

Past Life Regression is obtained at the Theta level. The client is in complete control and perfectly aware through the entire experience. Past life Regressions are available by advance scheduling. They are offered Saturday Mornings at 10:30am by appointment only.

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