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Past Life Regression with Dawn

Dawn is a practicing Shamanic healer, past life regression, and Spiritual Response technique practitioner.. Dawn has been developing her spirituality for more than 30 years.

The Crystal Healing Bed Experience

The Crystal Bed has seven quartz crystals which are suspended above the client who lies on the healing bed. Each crystal is attuned to one of the seven human energy centers or chakras and shines a specific colored light which matches each chakra. There is also an Amethyst Crystal Bed Cushion at the head of the healing bed which offers the following benefits:

Amethyst Quartz is Natures super conductor.  Scientifically proven to offer the steadiest and most powerful delivery of beneficial FAR INFRARED RAYS and NEGATIVE IONS into the human body.

The Crystal Healing Bed is noninvasive. The client removes their shoes, glasses and jewelry. He or she lies fully clothed on the bed below the suspended Crystals. The Healing Crystals Lights are turned on, and soft music plays. The Practitioner will begin the healing session. Each session will be different depending on the client’s needs and the Healing Practitioner. We have many different Healers who work in different modalities. You can read about each one on our website under the Healing & Wellness page.


Thus the healing process begins.

Healing sessions are different for each person. Everyone has their own experiences and feels different sensations.  You may feel pressure or weight, lightness or heaviness, heat or cold, deep relaxation, serenity or peacefulness, ease of pain, completely refreshed or even experience a range of emotions.

No claims are made that any disease states can be cured. Each person who receives Crystal Bed Healing reports a different effect, as each experience is relevant to his or her own condition. Many people report the following after a session:

After your session, it’s important to rest and integrate your experience. Also, drink plenty of water to help release any toxins.

Crystal Healing Bed Sessions are conducted by Certified Reiki Practitioners and Ministers. The Healing methods are determined by each client’s personal needs.

Healing Session appointments may be scheduled at the Front Desk in person or by calling 386-228-2323 during normal business hours.

Allow approximately 45 minutes for your session.
Session Fee: $105.00

Property Clearings By Nora

Have you ever felt heavy, dark or depressed after spending time somewhere? As an energetic being, you most likely absorbed the vibrations in that environment. Negative events, activities, and lower level emotions such as sadness, anger, despair, addictions, etc. can easily leave a toxic imprint. This is very disruptive to the positive flow of energy also known as CHI. This property clearing removes the negative atmospheric debris, balances the frequencies, removes entities, and increases healing and prosperity levels. Revitalize your environment and FEEL the benefits. You will receive a detailed email report after the session is conducted. Click Here to View a Sample Report