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Reiki/Energy Healing
I will assist in balancing your energy, clearing and aligning chakras, clearing your energy bodies and any other work that I am guided to do by your Higher Self and your guide team. I may also use crystals and/or a pendulum. I am a Certified Third-Degree Reiki Practitioner, but I have many spiritual gifts that I utilize and different ways that I channel Source healing energy. Each session is different, and I simply follow guidance on what is best for the client at the time I am doing the work.

Infinity Healing Session
Infinity Healing is a very powerful healing modality that works with your Higher Self, which knows exactly what you need. Our conscious minds can only perceive a small percentage of what is happening with us. Our Higher Self knows all and is able to pinpoint blockages and other issues that our conscious mind may not perceive. Infinity Healing allows Source to work with your Higher Self to do the healing. This moves the ego aspect aside and allows Source to work on what your Higher Self is ready to shift for your highest good. In the session, I will formulate a series of "prompts" or "questions" to download the healing. You simply just answer "yes," to the questions, as it is your sacred "yes" that allows Source to download the healing to you. We will also put the energies on autopilot so that you will continue to experience the maximum shift. This eliminates the need to visit healers over and over for the same issues. Then you are free to progress and move on to something else in your healing journey.

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