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Rev. Anya Love

With over 40 years of experience and study as a spiritual practitioner, my readings and healing sessions draw on a wide range of proficiencies including: astrology, numerology, tarot, quantum energy therapy, aromatherapy, yoga, Reiki, herbal therapy, Mayan shamanic ceremony, Earth wisdom, sound frequency, energy gridwork, natural foods health and wellness, energetic space clearing, crystal therapy and sacred rose mysteries.

  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Metaphysical Minister
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Numerologist
  • Certified Natural Foods Chef
  • Certified Interior and Kitchen Designer
  • Professional Photographer


Working with the 7 physical chakras, the 7 subtle bodies, and the 7 trans dimensional chakras this session goes deeply into healing and releasing entrenched energy patterns (miasmas) held in the cellular memory, DNA and ancestral records.


Physical spaces accumulate energetic clutter, debris, and energetic entity attachments. Drawing on my aesthetic background in interior design as well as extensive Earth energy gridwork, a thorough cleansing and purification of your home or business environment will reverberate into the energy fields of all who inhabit and enter. An excellent addition to the completion and/or beginning of a life cycle. A Love Bomb for your environment!


Food Energetics Diet and Menu Planning. Consult with a professional natural food’s chef with rave reviews! Delicious high vibe vegetarian and vegan food is my specialty.



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