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Mary Hayes

Mary Hayes is a gifted Intuitive -Channel and a compassionate Medium. Mary work is kind, wise and oft times witty. Those who have experienced a reading with Mary can easily sense the authenticity yet gentle presence that quickly provides specific, comforting, uplifting, honest and helpful information. Experience a remarkable session soon with Mary.

As a medium, Mary has been successfully and exclusively offering the Seances at the Cassadaga Hotel for a number of years. Mary brings a remarkably refreshing approach to this age old tradition. Her Seances have been gaining great in popularity due, in part, to the fact that everyone in attendance has their own turn to connect with a Loved One in Spirit. The messages received are insightful and comforting while the setting remains uplifting and supportive. Reservations are required. Call today to reserve your place. 386-228-2323.

Mary offers private sessions with clients in person and on the phone. All clients, questions and situations are welcome.

About Mary….

Spirituality has always been an important part of
Mary Hayes’ life. Her search for inner peace, personal guidance and service to others began at an early age, and continues today as a lifetime commitment. Drawing from a Christian upbringing, Mary’s yearning for wisdom first began with the church. She has since explored the commonalities of world religions and become an interfaith minister. Mary has studied massage therapy, yoga, tai chi, meditation and numerous holistic approaches to spirituality and personal well-being. Her continued pursuit of knowledge and
wisdom has led her to personally mentor with some of today’s
most respected authors and educators. Among them, are:

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Gregg Braden, Science and Spirituality Pioneer

Harvelle Hendrix, Ph.D.

Helen Hunt, Ph.D.

Reverend Alice Anderson

Edgar Mitchell, D.Sc. Astronaut

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Bernie Segal, M.D.

Patricia Sun, PH.D.

Eamonn Downing, Renown British Medium/ Healer

Burt Hellinger, Founder Family Constellations

Dr. Mary Delaney, Psychologist

Louise Hay, Metaphysical Leader/Pioneer

Arun Manilal Gandhi, Grandson of Mohandas Gandi

Second Friday and Last Saturday
of each month.
Approximately 7:00pm – 9:00 pm

During each Seance, all those in attendance have their own turn to receive inspired messages from a chosen Loved One in Spirit. These heartfelt sessions allow for great healing and insights into the well-being of those on the other side.

Reservations are required.
Please call the hotel at
386- 228 – 2323.

Through the years, the knowledge and insight Mary gained from her experiences began to express as a sense of wholeness and inner peace. It became easier to access inspired guidance by connecting to her inner wisdom. Many began seeking Mary’s counsel after witnessing her abilities and she became well respected for her insightful advice.

Soon after, The Channel began speaking through Mary. From the onset of this connection, it was evident that the information coming was from an enlightened source. These communications have always been and continue to be uplifting, loving, respectful and inspiring.

“I am delighted to be the instrumental voice for The Channel. I am humbled and honored by what is being expressed. It is my joy to serve in this way.”

About The Channel
Throughout time, there have been enlightened beings, who have shared their wisdom with integrity, kindness and truth. The Channel is among them. Aligned with sincere goodness, The Channel offers guidance that is specific, insightful and relevant. The Channel speaks with a singular voice, transcending the limitations of gender, age, and ethnicity. Messages are clearly received by each recipient.

We are honored to be a part of the planetary progression toward the light. It is often in the small ways that this help is most appropriately received. By lending comfort and insight, we are able to offer guidance through life’s varied happenings. We are here to be of service. We are here to inspire. We are here to share in joy. We are here to spread the light of love.” The Channel

Sessions with The Channel are interactive. Every question is welcome. Loved Ones who have passed on may be contacted with heartfelt messages sent and received. Connections with your Angels, Guides, and Past Lives may also be made.
Benefits often realized with The Channel are:

  • A feeling of well-being
  • A renewed sense of direction and purpose
  • Increased energy and optimism
  • Expanded personal insights
  • Restored inner peace
  • Remarkable clarity and joy!

You are invited to share in an inspiring and memorable session with The Channel.

The Channel has chosen Mary to be their temporal voice of comfort and wisdom. You are invited to experience for yourself, inspiring insights from The Channel.

For Appointment Ask for Mary
In Care of
The Cassadaga Hotel P.O. Box 235 Cassadaga, FL 32706
(386) 228-2323

As a Medium, I must tell you what I am receiving. My integrity would not allow me to tell you what It may appear you want to hear. You are a free agent and have the God-given gift of Freedom of Choice. Those in Spirit will assist you, but will never take away your free will. Therefore, it is my responsibility to give you the message, and your responsibility to use It to benefit you as best you can.



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