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We are actively seeking an experienced, caring and insightful Psychic/Medium to work
5 days per week at the Cassadaga Hotel.

Palmistry, Numerology, Astrology or any other Spiritual Gifts are highly recommended.
For additional information and application please contact the front desk of the
Cassadaga Hotel at:

The Crystal Healing Bed Experience

The Crystal Bed is a name used for a profoundly Spiritual Healing Device. This Bed has seven quartz crystals which are suspended above the client who lies on the Healing Bed. Each crystal is attuned to each of the seven human energy centers, or Chakras. Each Crystal shines a specific colored light which matches each Chakra.

The Crystal Healing Bed is noninvasive. The person receiving the "Healing" removes their shoes, glasses and jewelry. He or she lies fully clothes on the Bed below the suspended Crystals. Each Crystal is aligned with the seven Chakras. A light cloth is placed over their eyes, the Healing Crystals Lights are turned on, and soft music plays. It is then the Reiki Master Healer prays and chants.

Thus the healing process begins.

People feel all manner of sensations during and after these Healing Sessions. - These may be pressure or weight, lightness or heaviness, heat or cold, deep relaxation, serenity or peacefulness, ease of pain, feeling completely refreshed, - mostly especially, the sensations of Physical Healing. - All you need to do is Relax, Let Go, or even Fall Asleep.

As with any Subtle Energy Healing Therapy, no claims are made that any disease states can be cured. However, there have been many aspects of Healings. Each and every person who receives Crystal Bed Healing reports a different effect, as each experience is relevant to his or her own condition. With this second level of Awareness you may feel the sensation of being worked on by Spirits. - The Experience is up to you.

  • Feeling More Energized
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Peaceful
  • Less Stress
  • Spiritual Understanding
  • Future Path Insights
  • Altered State of Being
  • Pain Free

After your Healing Session you must rest, to fully absorb your experience. Drink plenty of water to help release any toxins.

Crystal Healing Bed Sessions here at the Cassadaga Hotel and Psychic Center are conducted by Certified Healing Ministers and will be started with Reiki Healing, Angel Healing, or Amadeus (a Shamanic Healing Modality). The Healing methods are determined by each client's personal needs.

Remember God is Love and the Healings we offer are in His Name.

Healing Sessions may be made by appointment at the Front Desk.
Ask for: Mary Hayes, Kat, Misty or Inez.

Allow approximately 45 minutes for your session.
Session Fee: $85.00


Amethyst Quartz is Natures super conductor.  Scientifically proven to offer the steadiest and most powerful delivery of beneficial
FAR INFRARED RAYS and NEGATIVE IONS into the human body.

FAR INFRARED RAYS - Natures's own miracle light.  Balances pH by decreasing acidity stimulating healing.

NEGATIVE IONS - Nature's battery charger.  The master power switch which activates the body's cellular communication system.


  • Powerful detoxifier
  • Blood purifier
  • Relieves insomnia, headaches, pain and stiffness, stress
  • Removes toxins
  • Boosts energy
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Burns calories

Chakra Clearing and Balancing
Katharina "Kat" Moonchild

Kat uses a method of stones and vibration toning using her voice to help clear chakras and realign them. She is able to open up closed energy centers and works with the  Archangels as well as the Divine Mother and Divine Father archetypes in her re-balancing of these energies. She has a background in Reiki as well as White Light Healing.

Auric Blocks and Etheric Body Healing
Katharina "Kat" Moonchild

Kat can sense blocks and tears within the auric field as well as the etheric body. She can help cleanse and repair the aura and etheric body so one can feel rejuvenated and revitalized. She uses stones in this method, but is not limited to utilizing all the tools within her ability to raise the vibrations to a higher level.

Timeline Healing, Karmic Transmutation, Cord Cutting and Attachment Removal
Katharina "Kat" Moonchild

Kat senses disruptions in soul contracts, soul agreements, karmic and family karmic blockages, as well as spirits that are attached to other's energy systems. She integrates shadow and ego ailments into the whole.

Gypsy Eris Phoenix

I am a Reiki Master and when I do Reiki healings, I include an aura cleanse and a chakra balacing to bright lightness to an idividual mind/body/spirit.

I work with the inner child and shadow aspect of the subconscious and aim to integrate someone into wholeness-Mind, Body, and Spirit in order to create unification in being. I wish for everyone to find their personal joy and love in life and work with those things blocking an individual from reaching personal happiness.


Misty is Reiki certified. Reiki, however is just one kind of the healing methods that are utilized. Misty also uses imagery, deep breathing, and meditation. To her, a healing is about feeling better and letting an individualís body remember how to heal itself. Misty does use some light touch. All touching will be discussed beforehand with permission.

Misty also works with elemental energy, grounding, and physical blockages within the personal body to help an individual move through their personal life most efficiently.


Reiki/Energy Healing
I will assist in balancing your energy, clearing and aligning chakras, clearing your energy bodies and any other work that I am guided to do by your Higher Self and your guide team. I may also use crystals and/or a pendulum. I am a Certified Third-Degree Reiki Practitioner, but I have many spiritual gifts that I utilize and different ways that I channel Source healing energy. Each session is different, and I simply follow guidance on what is best for the client at the time I am doing the work.

Infinity Healing Session
Infinity Healing is a very powerful healing modality that works with your Higher Self, which knows exactly what you need. Our conscious minds can only perceive a small percentage of what is happening with us. Our Higher Self knows all and is able to pinpoint blockages and other issues that our conscious mind may not perceive. Infinity Healing allows Source to work with your Higher Self to do the healing. This moves the ego aspect aside and allows Source to work on what your Higher Self is ready to shift for your highest good. In the session, I will formulate a series of "prompts" or "questions" to download the healing. You simply just answer "yes," to the questions, as it is your sacred "yes" that allows Source to download the healing to you. We will also put the energies on autopilot so that you will continue to experience the maximum shift. This eliminates the need to visit healers over and over for the same issues. Then you are free to progress and move on to something else in your healing journey.

Kelli Faye

A healing energy session with me will be unique in that I don't follow any one tradition. I have many techniques under my belt with the use of Pranic, Reiki, and Theta, but not limited to these. I will follow spirit in how to move the energy and if that means I'm doing a new technique, then that's what I do and how I work. You will receive channeled information as I go about your healing process.

Holly Kaner

"Holly Kaner is a ceritifed Reiki Master and Medium who uses who versatile psychic abilities to assist those who are seeking wellness by aiming to create balance in mind, body and spirit. She believes one helps heal the other as a whole."

Jana Rose

"Jana Rose is a certified Reiki Master and Theta healer. Her energy healing touches the soul and allows karmic transmutation to take effect. She works heavily with shadow integration work and uplifts people through her work. Her goal is to help you rediscover the light inside you."


All decisions you are making are yours alone. Please use your best judgment and discretion when making personal decisions based upon a healing. All healings are not intended to replace medical, legal, or financial advice. Please counsel with the appropriate figures to determine a best course of action for yourself and loved ones. Crystal and Energetic Healing methods are meant to aid, not cure ailments. Energy Therapy Practices are not intended to replace medical treatments from the appropriate sources, such as a physician.


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