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Ginny Stern

Ginny Stern has been a full time professional astrologer, psychic reader and teacher since 1981. She has taught classes and workshops on all levels of astrology as well as psychic development, tarot and numerology.

She has appeared on several radio & television programs in an effort to promote astrology in the eyes of the public. She attended the University of Michigan and is a graduate of the American School of Astrology. She is a past president of the New Jersey Chapter of the NCGR, National Council for Geocosmic Research, a major professional astrological organization, and later became its Director of Education.

Ginny's focus has always been on the empowerment of the individual. She continues to try to help people heal through understanding both themselves and the significant others in their lives. During her readings & classes she helps people understand how they can best utilize the current energies available as well as those of the future in order to get the most out of each life experience. With an accurate birthtime & even when the time is unknown, astrology is very good at timing your opportunities as well as indicating how long challenging times will last.


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